Greta - Love Death + Robots

Here is my work for the Netflix TV show "Love death + Robots". I was responsible of Greta, one of the main characters of the episode "Beyond the Aquila rift", done at Unit Image.
I started from the actress scan, redesigned face and body with Zbrush (so she can fit the director's idea).
I then made the texture with Mari, full body (diffuse, IOR, roughness, and micro displace) and lookdev with V-Ray for 3DS Max.
I designed and create her haircut, also eyebrows, eyelids and peach fuzz with Ornatrix.
I also did the golden dress she is wearing at the bar, with Marvelous designer, and scatter spangle with Ornatrix.
Too bad I am not allowed to show anything else than screenshots ...
Big congrats to all the team at Unit Image for animating and lighting her amazingly well !