[Lineage Red Knights] Unit image characters

[Lineage Red Knights] Episode - 'Bling Bling'

Quentin chaillet skull compo

The Skull Soldier

Quentin chaillet differents hdr

Different lighting conditions

Quentin chaillet wireframe greyscale

Wireframe and grey version

Quentin chaillet line bling bling h264 def 0 00 10 00

Movie still frame

Quentin chaillet line bling bling h264 def 0 00 12 22

Movie still frame

[Lineage Red Knight] "OH! Hello There"

Quentin chaillet bugbear compo

Bugbear render

[天堂: Red Knights] The Rise of Deathknights

[Lineage Red Knights] Episode - 'Cockatrice Curls'

I had the chance to make some characters for these amazing Unit Image trailers for Lineage : Red Knights.
Characters : Skull soldiers (little skeleton fellas), and Bugbear (fat piggy man)
Modeling in ZBrush, topology, texturing in Subtance Painter, Lookdev in Vray, fur with ornatrix, I did also the blend shapes
Instagram : www.instagram.com/kuentcha